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Mini Skin Whitening Microcurrent Facial Equipment , Rf Beauty Machine 5mhz

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Mini Skin Whitening Microcurrent Facial Equipment , RF Beauty Machine 5MHz

Application of the thermage equipment:

1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.sagging skin,rough texture,fat and cellulite
2. Wrinkle removal ,skin lightening
3. Skin smooth
4. Pore shrinking ,calming down redness
5. Orange tissue removal
6. Remove stretch marks

Features of the thermage equipment:
1. Six Changeable heads for differenet parts of body(RF)
2. Portable design
3. 7 Inch Touch Screen
4. RF frequency:5MHz
5. Rf type : Nonopolar RF
6. Heat:40°-60°

Therapy of the thermage equipment:
        Thermage combination of RF for the past advantages,through high tech control with the frequency 1-2MHz of multipolar RF to transmit the energy reach the deep skin ,produce heating effciency reach to 75 with the reticular fiber layer .more accurately,comfortably and deeply to solve muscle tightening and anti-aging .Fractional RF not noly owns the fast and obvious effect of invasive treatment,but also owns noninvasive treatment's small side effect, short time recover of skin wrinkles,cover the skin mesh structure,promote skin metabolism,reach the aim of wrinkle removal,skin lifting ,skin whiten,repair the pock,stretch marks removal effect and easing burnable skin.

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